Joel Chadabe's selections
Birdcage, 1972
John Cage, United States
India Sound Journal, 1993
Hildegard Westerkamp, Canada
Le Trinagel d' Incertitude, 1996
Cecile le Prado
Fugitives Voix, 1997
Daniel Teruggi, France
Two Women, 1998
Trevor Wishart, United Kingdom
Sud, 1985
Jean-Claude Risset, France
73 Poems, 1994
Joan La Barbara
Saturation Engine, 2001
DJ Spooky and 47, United States
Gestures, 2000
Morton Subotnick, United States
Gestation, 2000
Garth Paine, United Kingdom
Music and Life
Music is increasingly reflecting the world around us, combining the rhythms, activities, and experiments of everyday life through electronic technology. A new integration of music and life has emerged utilizing sonic materials such as sounds and words, that establish dynamic interactive processes with the public. This essay examines relevant histories in order to identify when and how this union originated. From Pierre Schaeffer to Paul Miller (a.k.a. DJ Spooky), the author writes a history, chronologically mapping the numerous musical projects that help support and define this music and life concept.
Joel Chadabe
Electronic Music Foundation
P.O. Box 8748
New York NY, 12208 USA