Benjamin Weil's selections
Carnivore, 2001
Alex Galloway, United States and Radical Software Group (RSG),
Distant Shoreline, 2001
Anthony Discenza
Synthia, 2000
Lynn Hershman
TGarden, 1999
Sponge, United States and FoAM, Belgium
The Godlove Museum_Numbers, 1999
Entropy8Zuper!, Belgium
Wave Twisters: The Movie, 2001
Syd Garon and Eric Henry, United States
Video Quartet, 2002
Christian Marclay, United States
Formula, 1998
Ryoki Ikeda
Global String, 1994
Atau Tanaka, Japan and Kasper Toeplitz, France
Symphony #2 for Dot Matrix Printers, 2001
[The User], Canada
Art in Digital Times: From Technology to Instrument
The author's approach to selecting digital art encompasses four major themes. The first relates to reprocessing information and the use of sampling as a means of representing the culturescape we inhabit. The second involves the emergence of internactive environments and installations. New forms of storytelling frame the third view and the final theme relates to bridging the categorical gaps, as demonstrated in computer generated multimedia work.
Benjamin Weil
Curator of New Media
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
151 Third Street
San Francisco CA, 94103 USA