Gregor Muir's selections
%Unititled Game (color version), 2000
JODI , Spain
I/O/D 4: The Web Stalker, 1997
I/O/D , United Kingdom
The World in 24 Hours, 1982
Robert Adrian
VinylVideo™, 1998
Gebhard Sengmüller, Austria
Les Grands Ensembles, 2001
Pierre Huyghe, France
Magnet TV, 1965
Nam June Paik, United States
Will-N-Testament, 1998
Olia Lialina, Russia
Microtime Sculptures, 1968
Nicolas Schöffer, France
Documenta Done, 1997
Vuk Cosic, Slovenia
Suicide Box, 1997
Bureau of Inverse Technology, United States
Past, Present, and Future Tense
Given the task on hand, "to select new media works that have changed or are impacting the course of new media art and music," the author, along with his colleagues, set out to identify the fullness of the digital spectrum. The article explains his selections of artwork by consciously establishing a part, present, and future media collection. He begins with a 1965 piece from Nam June Paik and ends with, acknowledging the large jump mode from past to present media. Concluding the article with a look at the history of digital art, the author raises comparisions and dilemmas that allow readers to question and reflect on the status of new media art.
Gregor Muir
Kramlich Curator
Collections, Tate
London SW1P 4PG United Kingdom