Christiane Paul's selections
Apartment, 2001
Martin Wattenberg and Marek Walczak, United States
life_sharing, 2000
0100101110101101.ORG , Spain
Glasbead, 1999
John Klima
netomatâ„¢, 1999
Maciej Wisniewski
Carnivore, 2001
Alex Galloway, United States and Radical Software Group (RSG),
A-Volve, 1994
Christa Sommerer, Austria and Laurent Mignonneau, France
Genesis, 1999
Eduardo Kac
Timetable, 1999
Perry Hoberman
Pocket Full of Memories, 2001
George Legrady, United States
Giver of Names, 1991
David Rokeby, Canada
Renderings of Digital Art
This essay identifies the current qualifier of choice, "new media," by explaining how this term is used to describe digital art in various forms. Establishing a historical context, the author highlights the pioneer exhibitions and artists who begun working with new technology and digital art, recognizing its broad range of artistic practice: music, interactive installation, installation with network components, software art, and purely Internet-based art. The author examines themes and narratives specific to her selection of artwork, specifically interactive digital installations and net art. By addressing these forms, the author illustrates the hybrid nature of this medium and the future of this art practice.
Christiane Paul
Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts
Whitney Museum of American Art
945 Madison Avenue
New York NY, 10021 USA