Steve Dietz's selections
life_sharing, 2000
0100101110101101.ORG , Spain
A-Volve, 1994
Christa Sommerer, Austria and Laurent Mignonneau, France
Giver of Names, 1991
David Rokeby
Osmose, 1995
Char Davies, Canada
Electronic Cafe Network, 1984
Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz, United States
IO_dencies Tokyo, 1996
Knowbotic Research, Switzerland
The File Room, 1994
Antonio Muntadas, Spain
Lorna, 1979
Lynn Hershman, United States
Natural Selections, 1998
Mongrel, Netherlands
äda'web, 1996
Benjamin Weil, United States
Ten Dreams of Technology
This article presents the ten dreams of technology that frame the author/curator's selection of ten new media artworks. The "dreams" or themes presented by the author have been developed and/or questioned by artists throughout the history of the intersection of art and technology. This history emerges through artworks that the author describes as containing a "compelling vitality that we must admire." The collection of dreams includes; Symbiosis, Emergence, Immersion, World Peace, Transparency, Flows, Open Work, Other, New Art, and Hacking. The author notes that these dreams of technology have a future, even if it not yet determined.
Steve Dietz
Director, New Media Initiatives
Walker Art Center
725 Vineland Place
Minneapolis MN, 55408 USA