Jon Ippolito's selections
Random Access, 1963
Nam June Paik, United States
%Unititled Game (color version), 2000
JODI , Spain
I/O/D 4: The Web Stalker, 1997
I/O/D , United Kingdom
Every Icon, 1997
John F. Simon Jr.
RIOT, 1999
Mark Napier, United States
Toywar, 1999
etoy.corporation, Switzerland
Gallery of CSS Descramblers, 2000
David Touretzky
They Rule, 2001
Josh On, United States
Éphémère, 1998
Char Davies, Canada
Imaginary Landscapes, 1939
John Cage, United States
Ten Myths of Internet Art
This article identifies ten myths about Internet Art, and expalins the difficulties museums and others have understanding what it means to make art for the Internet. In identifying these common misconceptions, the author offers insight on successful online works, provides inspiration to Internet artists, and explains that geographical location does not measure success when making art for the Internet. The article also mentions that the World Wide Web is only one of the many parts that make up the Internet. Other online protocols include email, peer-to-peer instant messaging, video-conferencing software, MP3 audio files, and text-only environments like MUDs and MOOs. The author concludes his list of myths with the idea that surfing the Internet is not a solitary experience. Online communities and listservers, along with interactive Internet artworks that trace viewers and integrate their actions into respective interfaces, prove that the Internet is a social mechanism.
Jon Ippolito
Assistant Curator of Media Art
Guggenheim Museum
575 Broadway, 3rd Floor
New York NY, 10010 USA