All is Full of Love
Chris Cunningham, United Kingdom
All is Full of Love, 1999
Music video
Created and directed by Chris Cunningham for Björk
Selected by: Yuko Hasegawa
Chris Cunningham was born in Reading, England, in 1970. He now lives and works in London. Cunningham began as a teenage special effects expert, working on Alien III and Stanley Kubrick’s aborted AI project. With the help of digital technology, Cunningham reveals his extraordinary talents in the synchronization of sound and visual works that he mastered through MTV productions. His anatomical, inner analysis of human bodies and the expressions of their movement, combined with sound effects, provides visceral stimulation to viewers.

Cunningham’s obsession with anatomy is very specific. He began his career as an expert sculptor and model-maker for special effects; the theme of robots, or the genesis of new creatures, has been a consistent interest throughout his work.

All Is Full of Love is a music video created and directed by Cunningham in 1999 for Björk. This video is memorable for its stunning special effects and visual sophistication. A pure white robot is born on an assembly line. It opens Björk’s eyes and begins to sing All Is Full of Love. This video features Björk as a stunningly beautiful robot making love to a robot replica of herself. The image of the pair embracing on the assembly line represents not only the eroticism of lesbian love, but also the sensual relationship of love. After this video, Cunningham resigned from the music and commercial world and began working for the first time as a video artist.
Chris Cunningham