Absolut DJ
DJ Spooky, United States
Absolut DJ, 1998
Internet and CD-ROM
©Absolut Vodka
Producers: TBWA/Red Sky, Creative Directors: Dan Braun and Kirk Gibbons
Courtesy of DJ Spooky
Selected by: ZKM_Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe
The musical input of the software module “Absolut DJ,” provided by DJ Spooky, combines basic components and typical procedures generally known from the DJ movement–the use of samples, loops, and developing patterns–with the opportunities of computers and the World Wide Web. There are symbols that represent different complex sounds that can be chosen with a mouse-click and placed into a pattern to be played by two moving cursors as performed sounds. Four directional arrows can also be placed into a pattern that allows the cursors to follow labyrinthine ways. The DJ, whose work is normally founded to a large degree on recycled raw material, reduces his own role to become no more than a material and system supplier, opening the chain of creativity towards the audience.
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DJ Spooky