Head Spaces
Bernhard Leitner, Austria
Head Spaces, 1987
Audio CD-ROM
Selected by: ZKM_Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe
Can the brain hear itself?
The localization of acoustic stimuli and of our surroundings is among other things sensed through the phase difference between the ears. Even the movement of the head is involved in this process of identifying space through sound. When using earphones these localizers do not apply. Head Spaces, only to be experienced with earphones, are not representations of exterior space. Head Spaces are works specifically created for the interior of the head.

The head–conceived as hollow volume.
Nothing but an empty, globe-like receptacle.

Lines of sound in motion and a mass of sound form space. They delineate and construe space. Time-based acoustic-geometric spaces in the head. They travel, undulate, and arch across the brain as though the brain itself had no physical mass.

Sensing, hearing space in motion within the resonant inner space of the head. Hearing, contemplating the interior, the inside -however unfathomable it may be.

–Bernhard Leitner
Bernhard Leitner