The World in 24 Hours
Robert Adrian, Austria
The World in 24 Hours, 1982
Telecommunications project
Selected by: Gregor Muir
This project connected artists around the world in a non-stop series of dialogues beginning at noon on September 27 and ending at noon on September 28, 1982 (Central European time). Fourteen artists or groups around the world were in communication with Linz, Austria, during the 24-hour project. Each of the participating locations was called on the telephone from the central location in Linz at noon, local time (e.g. 6 pm in Linz = noon in Toronto). Each contact was to last about one hour, permitting the exchange of visual material via telephone by means of either Slow-Scan Television or telefacsimile equipment. In addition, the I.P. Sharp Computer Timesharing Network was available for computer graphic exchange and/or coordination of the projects. Participants were offered the opportunity of choosing any telecommunications medium for their contribution, providing that it operated via normal telephone and was available in Linz.
Robert Adrian