What are People for?
Arike Ando
Anthropic Cyberspace:
Defining Electronic Space from First Principles

Peter Anders
Art in the Age of Spiritual Machines
G.H. Hovagimyan
An Alpha Revisionist Manifesto
Patrick Lichty
Memory Arts to the New Code Paradigm:
The Artist as Engineer of Virtual Information Space and Virtual Experience

Richard Merritt
Towards an Immersive Intelligence:
Nervous Views from Within

Joseph Nechvatal
Artistic Environments of Telepresence on
the World Wide Web

Luisa Paraguai Donati and Gilbertto Prado
Recombinant Poetics / VS / OULIPO
Bill Seaman
Observations About Music and
Decentralized Environments

Dante Tanzi
Essays featured in the Leonardo: Volume 34 Number 5 2001, MIT Press