Celebrating Over Twenty Years of Digital Art (1993-2014)

With over twenty-years of history at the forefront of digital art, the New York Digital Salon, founded in 1993, hosts exhibitions, public lectures, educational and public programs, and provides a website - nydigitalsalon.org. The New York Digital Salon believes that international dialogue and partnerships in the arts are a unifying force for cultural exchange. In the fall of 2003, the New York Digital Salon marked its 10 th anniversary with the exhibition "Vectors: Digital Art of Our Time" and related scholarly and public activities to showcase the work of international artists selected by leading curators from around the world. For our 20th anniversary, the New York Digital Salon hosted “The American Algorists: Linear Sublime.” Our next project will be to upload videos from the 2003 10th New York Digital Salon Art and Culture Symposium, 2009 Technocultures: the History of Digital Art – A Conversation and the 2013 American Algorists: Linear Sublime panel discussion. Over 40 artists, curators and scholars will be featured. The NYDS touring program will continue to expand our international reach and educational mission.