During its ten-year history in the forefront of digital art, the New York Digital Salon, founded in 1992, has been dedicated to the exhibition, study and promotion of digital art in all its genres.

Increasingly recognized as a significant force for digital art, the Salon hosts an annual exhibition, educational and public programs, and provides a Web site www.NYDigitalSalon.com , Webcasts and a catalogue accompanying the exhibition. Marking its tenth anniversary in 2002, the Salon will dedicate its exhibition to international work of master and emerging artists curated by preeminent curators from around the world, and will present related scholarly and public activities through an international conference.

The New York Digital Salon grew out of the pioneering commitment to computer creativity at the School of Visual Arts in New York. In 1982, ten years before the first Salon, SVA founder Silas Rhodes and president David Rhodes supported a group of forward-thinking educators and artists in the establishment of one of the first academic programs to teach digital art, resulting in the first MFA program in computer art in the country in 1987. In 1992, they prompted the establishment of one of the earliest exhibitions of digital art in the first New York Digital Salon. Bruce Wands, chair of SVA’s MFA Computer Art Department, continues to direct the team producing the Salon.

The New York Digital Salon recognizes the importance of providing a forum to discuss creativity, technology, innovation and the art of our time. Its Advisory Council includes respected international artists, curators, museum and cultural officials, scholars, authors, critics, philosophers, scientists and corporate executives.

The New York Digital Salon believes that international dialogue and partnerships in the arts are a unifying force for cultural exchange.

The New York Digital Salon receives its nonprofit status from the Visual Arts Foundation in New York.

Vectors: Digital Art of Our Time New York Digital Salon Tenth Anniversary Exhibition

In the fall of 2002, the New York Digital Salon marks its 10th anniversary, and will devote its exhibition "Vectors: Digital Art of Our Time"--and related scholarly and public activities to showcasing work by international artists selected by leading curators from around the world. The exhibition will be offered for national and international touring.