October 11 - November 6, 2004
Opening Reception: October 12 at 5pm

Digital Selections is an exhibition of work by artists who create in the digital realm. Software and technology have opened up new creative opportunities for artists. Images that could not possibly be created by hand are now possible, as are new explorations into animation, sound and interactive art. While painting, drawing and sculpture will remain at the core of traditional fine art, new tools are revolutionizing how artists think and work. We are now at a pivotal time in contemporary art and this exhibition helps lead the way for the art of the future.
The New York Digital Salon, founded in 1993, is dedicated to the exhibition, study and promotion of digital art in all its genres. Increasingly recognized as a significant force for digital art, the Salon hosts an annual touring program, which features exhibitions, educational and public programs, and a Web site (, which serves as an online resource for digital art.