20 Years of Digital Art

For the 20th anniversary of the New York Digital Salon, we wanted to do something special. Since we began promoting digital art and helping it to become an important part of contemporary art, literally hundreds of artists have participated. My first thought was to do a retrospective of the salon throughout the years. However, when I looked at extensive collection of prints, video art, animation, installations, net art and sculpture, I quickly realized that this was not possible. Instead, I became aware of an exhibition entitled “The American Algorists – Linear Sublime” that was curated by Grant Taylor and available to travel to our Flatiron Gallery in the fall of 2013. The four artists featured in the exhibition are Jean-Pierre Hébert, Manfred Mohr, Roman Verostko and Mark Wilson. They are part of the “Algorists,” which is a group of artists producing creative work using mathematical algorithms. A. Michael Noll will also be exhibiting "Gaussian-Quadratic" originally created in 1966. The theme of the exhibition is based on the elegance that can be achieved with a line through the use of programming a computer and printing the work on paper with plotters, ink jet printers, or by using other media. Their creative histories go back decades and Roman Verostko and Mark Wilson exhibited their work in the First New York Digital Salon.

-Bruce Wands, Director, New York Digital Salon