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New York Digital Salon & Abstract Visual Music

Abstract Visual Music is a project of the New York Digital Salon for 2005/2006. Assisting NYDS Director Bruce Wands with the project were consultants Cindy Keefer from the Center for Visual Music in Los Angeles, and Jack Ox, intermedia artist and member of the Leonardo Editorial Board.

Our NYDS Abstract Visual Music Summer exhibitions featured work that operates under the premise that perception of one sense can manifest as another. These works generate an association between sound and image for the viewer. The similarities between music and visual art are an essential thread in the creation of these abstract works.

This exhibition was sponsored by the School of Visual Arts MFA Computer Art Department, New York State Council on the Arts, and the Visual Arts Foundation.

For additional information:
Diane Field Assistant Director, The New York Digital Salon
212-592-2532 or [email protected]

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