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Chika Iijima is a live computer visuals artist working within New York’s expanded cinema community and VJ scene. Her videos implement geometric minimalist patterns and original graphics in unique, repetitive combinations. Chika works exclusively with Module8 from Gragecube in Switzerland. Chika has performed at the Museum of Modern Art, The Mapping Festival ( Geneva), the Bushwick Art Project and the clubs Galapagos and Tonic, as well as private parties, festivals, events, galleries and night clubs. Since Chika started performing live in the summer of 2004, she has become very active in the experimental music and video underground scene in NYC. She is a member of the Share community, a weekly multimedia open jam, for more info. Chika was born and raised in Japan and moved to New York in the early 90s, working as a graphic designer until she began her experiments in time-based media. Chika also collaborates with electronic musicians and DJs on several projects.

Zach Layton is a New York based composer and artist interested in biofeedback techniques, psychoacoustics, perception and generative algorithms. His work investigates complex relationships created through the interaction of simple core elements like sine waves or kinetic visual patterns. His interest in biofeedback led him into the research of music produced by human brainwaves, subsequently building a homemade Electroencephalagrah (EEG), which he sometimes uses in performance. Zach's work has been performed by the Cleveland Chamber Symphony and has performed experimental electronic music and exhibited at the International Congress for Performance Art in Berlin, Neue Berliner Initiative, Bushwick Arts Project, St. Mark's Ontological Hysterical Theater, Dumbo Arts Festival, New York Digital Salon, Monkeytown and many other venues in New York and Europe. He also is the curator of Brooklyn's monthly experimental music series " darmstadt: classics of the avant garde" which features leading composers and improvisers from around New York City and has been reviewed several times in the New York Times. Zach has received grants from the Netherlands America Foundation and the Jerome Foundation and is a student at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program.


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