Christa Sommerer, Austria and
Laurent Mignonneau, France
A-Volve, 1994
Interactive computer installation
Selected by: Christiane Paul and Steve Dietz
The interactive, real-time environment A-Volve allows visitors to create virtual creatures and interact with them in a water-filled glass pool. By drawing a shape with their finger on a touch screen, visitors produce virtual three-dimensional creatures that automatically become “alive” and swim in the real water of the pool. The movement and behavior of the virtual creature is dependent on its form, which ultimately determines its fitness for survival and ability to mate and reproduce in the pool. The creatures also react to the visitors’ hand movements in the water. A-Volve literally translates evolutionary rules into the virtual realm and at the same time blends the virtual with the real world. Human creation and decision play a decisive role in this virtual ecosystem. A-Volve is a reminder of the complexity of any life form (organic or inorganic), and of our role in shaping artificial life.
Christa Sommerer

Laurent Mignonneau