Distant Shoreline
Anthony Discenza, United States
Distant Shoreline, 2001
Video, continuous loop
Photograph by Anthony Discenza
Selected by: Benjamin Weil
Using digital recording equipment, Anthony Dscenza reprocesses hours of television watching, reducing it to a mesmerizing abstraction, which results from the compression of the signal. Often presented as multi-channel installations, the work evokes the idea of a media space that surrounds us, shaping our understanding of the world and blurring the notion of reality. The artist also confronts us with the idea of information overload. These lush abstractions reflect the seductive and mesmerizing quality of the mediated reality offered by television. Discenza, for instance, explains how the world of the famous series Star Trek is not necessarily any different from politics: The President of the United States and Caption Kirk co-exist in a world of channel surfing, seen through the looking-glass of television.
Anthony Discenza