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SYS*05.ReE*03/SE*1\ MoE*2-4
Mathieu Briand, France
SYS*05.ReE*03/SE*1\ MoE*2-4, 2001
Video glasses, cameras, electronic network
Photo by Denis Prisset
Selected by: Yuko Hasegawa
Mathieu Briand was born in 1972 in Marseille, France, where he currently lives and works. He utilizes computers, electric music instruments, and robots to create new media art and science works. He has shown work at several important international exhibitions including Let�s Entertain, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis (2000), Lyon Biennale, and Istanbul Biennale (2001). With the use of new technologies, he immerses the spectator deep into the artwork, playing with the spectator�s point of view and questioning the reality of their perceptions.

The piece, entitiled SYS*05.ReE*03/SE*1\ MoE*2-4, is a device that allows one person to exchange his or her perception with others. Equipped with a head-mounted display, one sees his or her situated environment through the eyes of a video camera mounted on top of a helmet. He or she is also able to see the perspective of the other spectators wearing the same device. Among four participants, each one is able to change their viewing perspective by pushing a button to swap views with the other participants. The experience calls into question the participants� self-perception and self consciousness. Through his work, Briand investigates new relations between body and perception.
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Mathieu Briand

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