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Piano-as image media
Toshio Iwai, Japan
Piano-as image media, 1995
Installation view at galerie deux, Tokyo 1998
Selected by: Yuko Hasegawa
Iwai visualized an image of a piano played by light in his Piano�as image media. Audience members operate a trackball to draw lighted dots on a grid. The flashing dots move, and as soon as they come close to the piano they accelerate and strike a key. With the sound of the piano, a three-dimensional figure pops out of the keyboard. The audience-drawn shapes play the actual piano. The sound then produces colors and figures. This is not a digital sound, but the sound of an acoustic piano controlled by computer. Combinations of computer graphics, liberated from the feel and weight of a grand piano, merge and integrate the elements of our real physical body and virtual body, which makes this work truly innovative.
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Toshio Iwai
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