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Absolut DJ
DJ Spooky, United States
Absolut DJ, 1998
Internet and CD-ROM
�Absolut Vodka
Producers: TBWA/Red Sky, Creative Directors: Dan Braun and Kirk Gibbons
Courtesy of DJ Spooky
Selected by: ZKM_Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe
The musical input of the software module �Absolut DJ,� provided by DJ Spooky, combines basic components and typical procedures generally known from the DJ movement�the use of samples, loops, and developing patterns�with the opportunities of computers and the World Wide Web. There are symbols that represent different complex sounds that can be chosen with a mouse-click and placed into a pattern to be played by two moving cursors as performed sounds. Four directional arrows can also be placed into a pattern that allows the cursors to follow labyrinthine ways. The DJ, whose work is normally founded to a large degree on recycled raw material, reduces his own role to become no more than a material and system supplier, opening the chain of creativity towards the audience.
other artworks: Saturation Engine
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DJ Spooky
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