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Benjamin Weil, United States
'web, 1996
Web site
Image of �da'web (timeline)
Courtesy of the Walker Art Center
Selected by: Steve Dietz
�da'web released its first online project in May 1995. It set out to offer an opportunity for artists to address the new medium. Involved artists had an interest in the public space and experience working with numerous media to produce their work. It was an online art site alternative to the "online galleries" and "virtual museums" that were popping up in the mid-1990s. �da'web presented and produced more than two dozen interactive Internet artworks and projects designed for World Wide Web viewing. Founded by Benjamin Weil, �da'web was headquartered in New York. When it closed in 1998, �da'web was regarded as one of the premier sites for online art.
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Benjamin Weil
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