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Microtime Sculptures
Nicolas Sch?ffer, France
Microtime Sculptures, 1968
Selected by: Gregor Muir
The scientific background: Between the moment an image hits one�s eye and the moment it is consciously perceived : 1/30,000 second... during this microlength of time (�microtime�)�s brain chooses between all the information received which are perceived... an event is taking shape... it�s the way from conceptual to virtual and to perceptual... The assumption: Is it possible to have an influence on this time? To aestheticize it? To improve it? To crack the length of time? To get out of time? The sculptures: Black, neutral boxes where stainless steel discs, conchs, and plates are moved by programmed electric motors and reflect a lot of colored lights, some of which can be pulsed, giving a dynamic and aesthetic, powerful, and unrepetitive show. The effects: beautiful... fascinating... dynamizing... ! ...A lot of sleeping neurons in our brain cortex... awake... live forever... and will be useful some other way... It's good... refreshing... revivifying... revitalizing... like a (brain) massage... ! - Nicholas Schoffer
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Nicolas Sch?ffer
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