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%Unititled Game (color version)
JODI , Spain
%Unititled Game (color version), 2000
Web site
Selected by: Jon Ippolito and Gregor Muir
Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans have worked together on the Net under the name "JODI" for over five years. JODI's %Untitled Game�a reconfiguration of the source code for "Wolfenstein"�distorts the rules of engagement associated with sraightforward game-play. While being attacked by an on-screen graphic that appears to be half wolf and half bright yellow cube, we are prompted to examine our expectations and the way we inadvertently mold a subservient, service driven Net. -Gregro Muir

�JODI� have already been proposed by other curators, but rather than aim to represent a single (uncharacteristically) self-contained work, I would like to see if the institutional setting can accommodate the fluid and fragmentary nature of their best-known body of work, -Jon Ippolito
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