Screen Shots
Tina Keane with Tyrone
Messiah, Andrea Zimmerman,
& Rachel Armstrong

Electronic Shadows: The Couch, 1998

Juliet Martin
My Computer Never Thinks of Me, 1997

Theresa Loong with
Ana Thomas & Tricia Bowen

zamboni, 1998

Beth Carey
Zamboni, 1998

Heather Wagner
Pangloss: Report from Ethernity, 1998

Sonya Rapoport
Make Me a Man, 1998

Inju Heo
Virtual Illusion, 1998

Julio Soto
Cantors Tapes, 1998

Francis Crisafio
The Palace of Anxiety, 1998

Scott Ashton Scroeder
Metaglyphics, 1998

Ray Thomas
rtmark, 1998

Bojan Stokelj
McDonald's as Nature, 1998

Douglas Davis
Metabody, 1998

Mimi Young
(home)ing in, 1998

Kevin Bray
Non-Habit-Forming_Decisions, 1998

Yuzo Nakano
Secret Memory, 1998

Jody Zellen
Ghost City, 1998

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School of Visual Arts
209 East 23rd Street
New York, NY