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  Stephen Alm
Gino #4, 1996
Ink jet on handmade paper on masonite
18 x 24 in.
  Stephen Alm
Self #2, 1996
Ink jet on handmade paper on masonite
15 x 20 in.
  6485   6505  

Gloria Defilips Brush
(6485), 1995
Iris ink jet on Rives paper
20 x 24 in.


Gloria Defilips Brush
(6505), 1995
Iris ink jet on Rives paper
20 x 24 in.

  4 walls   aengus  

Matt Cave
4 Walls, 1995
Mixed digital media (triptych)
25 x 12 x 3 in.


Anna Chupa
Aengus, 1995
C print
19 x 13 in.

  the dances   spectacle  

Uri Dotan
The Dancers, 1995
Iris print/ Nash Editions
35 x 44 in.


Dean Caprario/ DC*Art Studio
Consciousness Spectacle, 1994
Digital color photographs
32 x 47 in.

  letitia   the need for speed  

Serban Epuré
Letitia 1269bw25, 1995
Iris print
20 x 24 in.


Karl Erikson
The Need for Speed (To Get Away from It All [Fight or Flight Reflex]), 1996
Digital image on paper towel
15 x 7 in.

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    racehorse   toydramaaz  

Rachel Gellman
Racehorse, Blue, 1994
Copper, steel, laser prints, paint
28 x 12 x 3 in.

Robie Cohen
Toy Dramaaz, 1996
Iris print and mixed media
15 x 55 in.

    intersections eye box  

Barry Jackson
Intersections 4, 1996
Print and stereolithographed sculpture
19 x 17 in.

Chuck Genco
Eye Box, 1993-94
Oak, brass, computer, electrical & mechanical box
6 x 8 x 12 in.

    magic driver textdaten  
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Doron Golan
Magic Diver, 1995
Gibachrome transparency, glass
105 x 88 x 40 in.

Knut Graf
Textdaten-Datentext 4, 1995
Electrostatic prints
67 x 43 in.

    pere teiwaz  

Lisa Goldenberg
Pere Lachaise #4 plus, 1996
Image on marble
3 x 7 in.

Lisa Goldenberg
Teiwaz (Warrior Rune), 1996
Image on marble
1 x 2 in.

    tenderness after the ache  

Gerd Struwe
Temporary Tenderness, 1995
Limited edition laser and photo prints
12 x 16 in.

Chris S. Johnson
after the ache, 1996
Duratran with woo, velvet, and fluorescent lights
36 x 48 x 9 in.

    angel follies  
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Marshall Fontaine
Angel, 1996
Print on Arches paper
11 x 14 in.

Barbara Joffe
Follies, 1993
Iris print/ Nash Editions
23 x 28 in.

    land of time jimmy  

Youn Lee
The Land of Time, 1996
Interactive 3D game
Variable dimensions

Petra Karadimas
Jimmy, 1995
Computer-manipulated photograph
60 x 40 in.

    viresco   floating  

Patrick Maun
Viresco: Green #8, 1998
30 x 40 in.


Yun Kyung (Debbie) Huh
Floating, ND
Iris print
18 x 24 in.

    electronic disturbance   virtual error  

Leslie Sawin
The Electronic Disturbance at the Troika Ranch, 1996
Variable dimensions


Joyce Rudinsky
Virtual Error, Vers. 3.0, 1995-96
Ink Jet print
20 x 24 in.

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Mark Millstein
Relish Soup, 1995
Iris print
10 x 10 in.


Michael O’Rourke
A La Recherche du Centre Exact: Santa Cruz, 1995
Ink jet print on paper
8 x 10 in.

    smash hits   pas de deux  

Lynne Roberts-Goodwin
smash hits BLINDFOLDED, 1996
Photographic print on aluminum
91 x 47 x 31 in.


Carol Hunt
Pas de Deux. 1996
Iris print
22 x 36 in.

    subway   construction  

Melanie St. James
Subway & Body Parts #3 – Desire, 1996
C print
20 x 24 in.


Eva Sutton
Construction #12, 1996
Digital photograph
Variable dimensions

  vietnam   pithead  

Patrick Lighty
Vietnam: Imperfect Memory, 1996
Iris print
24 x 18 in.


David Skingle
Pithead, ND
Ink jet print
10 x 8 in.

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    couple II   husks  

Corinne Whitaker
Couple II, 1996
Limited Edition dye prints on watercolor paper
28 x 28 in.


Anna Ullrich
Husks, 1996
Ink jet print
34 x 24 in.

    monday morning   utopia  

Anna Ursyn
Monday Morning, 1994
Mixed media
32 x 28 in.


Stewart Ziff
Utopia, 1996
LCD panel, jockey stick
Variable dimensions

    heaven and earth   maitreya  

Roman Verostko
DLA: Heaven & Earth, 1992
Mixed media
22 x 30 in.


Roman Verostko
DLA: Maitreya, 1992
Mixed media
22 x 30 in.

    precursor   Mnemonic Notations  
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John Truckenbrod
Precursor Solutions, 1995
Iris watercolor ink jet print on Arches paper
32 x 38 in.


Philip George and Ralph Wayment
Mnemonic Notations VV, 1996
Variable dimensions

    sensing discrepancies   carnival  

Claudia Herbst
Sensing Discrepancies, 1996
Variable dimensions


Chris Peregoy
Carnival, 1996
Macromedia Director piece
Variable dimensions

    rubaiyat   databank  

Peter Terezakis
Rubaiyat, 1996
Steel, light, sound
Variable dimensions


Natalie Bookchin
The Databank of the Everyday, 1996
Variable dimensions

    violinist   chameleon  

Victor Acevedo
The Violinist, 1996
Iris ink jet print
25 x 30 in.


Francine Bonair
Chameleon, 1996
Iris print on watercolor paper
8 x 10 in.

    isle of purbeck      

Jeremy Gardiner
The Isle of Purbeck, 1996
Variable dimensions

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